Get on the dixie ride to Martinsville Virginia topix

Get on the dixie ride to Martinsville Virginia topix morons and dumb bo’s over there take sides with beer boozers and womanizers. Jimmy crack corn and I dont care makes fun of me cause I aint smart as him. Hey sonny boy im just straight up redneck and aint trying please you or no other stiff neck renegade. Whoopee do you write good so what who cares Jimmy boy. They make Johnny look bad put him down all the time then when I mention somebody from that discussion fourm the world come crashing down. It okay find and dandy to say Johnny this Johnny that but when I tell what I hear abour dear oh randy dating 18 year old when he is 50 drinking like a fat fish yall still act like it is all good yeah sure it is long as Johnny not the one. Down with the sickness Im kicking t in the sticks. I aint bout no games and front players I keep it real baby. Randy done been fired to rumor has it and now just working fast food to make the cut. Look at all this crap on Martinsville Virginia topix they mostly start by his hand and now other fools there to. Yall drink your bud beers and have your young girl friends then want to put others down yall to faced.


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